V for Vendetta - The Trailer

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V for Vendetta - The Trailer

We've been bemoaning what a bad idea adapting Alan Moore's work to the big screen is for a while now:

V for Vendetta - The Film


Who Watches the Wathcmen?

V for Vapid, Vile, Vulgar, Vacuous

Wathcmen Unwound

... turning to steam

V for Van Dyke

But now we finally have a V for Vendetta trailer to look at.

It looks nice and slick, action packed and with a fair few decent actors in the mix, but still seems to be missing the point of Moore's work somehow.

Then again if it only goes halfway to show how society can slide from the one we have now to one where men with explosives strapped to themselves become heroes - via racial profiling, internment and shoot to kill policies - then maybe it won't be too bad.

What a weird world it is when you hope a Joel Silver movie may be useful in telling people not to give in to fear.

Last Updated 25 July 2005