The Great Reconciliation

By Greg Last edited 164 months ago
The Great Reconciliation

During these difficult days, all Londoners have one great reason to rejoice and be thankful: George Michael and Elton John have ended their public feud. Yes, after all the claims and counterclaims, the poisonous bitching in open letters to the gay press, and the referring to oneself in the third person, the great powers have declared an entente cordiale... and all it took was a home-cooked meal by Gordon Ramsay (that is, a Ramsay-cooked meal in Elton's home.) In addition — oh, redoubled happiness! — George is talking about un-renouncing his previous renunciation of pop music.

Update: Londonist has been informed that no sane person in the civilized world actually cares about George Michael and Elton John's public feud. Londonist regrets the error.

Last Updated 15 July 2005