Shooting Update

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Shooting Update

Police are confirming the shooting incident at Stockwell.

It seems that a man jumped the barriers at Stockwell underground station and ran for a Northern Line train.

One witness on BBC News 24 says he saw the man go down and then police shot him five times:

"I was sitting on the train reading my paper. I heard a load of noise, people saying, 'Get out, get down'! I saw an Asian guy run onto the train hotly pursued by three plain-clothes police officers. One of them was carrying a black handgun - it looked like an automatic - they pushed him to the floor, bundled on top of him and unloaded five shots into him. I saw the gun being fired five times into the guy - he's dead."

11.10 Reuters are reporting that armed police have surrounded a Mosque in East London.

11.17 Local residents near the Mosque have been told to stay indoors. Still no precise location although we hear the mosque in question is by Aldgate East.

11.20 The Mosque is on Whitechapel High Street. Police are concerned there could be explosives/suspect packages in the building. Residents are advised to stay indoors.

11.30 Media are awaiting a briefing at Stockwell.

11.33 The incident at the East London Mosque is over. Cordon has been lifted. Looks like it was a false alarm.

11.36 Witness talking to BBC 24 describes a smoking backpack causing panic between stops on the way to Stockwell.

11.42 Downing Street spokesman says Blair is being updated at Chequers.

11.46 Scotland Yard confirm that their men shot dead a man at Stockwell.

12.02 An eyewitness from outside the station tells BBC News 24 that an armed plain clothes police officer jumped across his car. Several other armed policemen then joined the chase down into the tube. Regular police officers seemed as surprised as passers by as this unfolded.


14.22 Police snipers have taken up positions on the Harrow Road which is now cordoned off. There is a "huge police presence" and bomb disposal vehicles on the scene. Those living nearby are again being told to remain indoors (Bravo to the chap ringing up BBC News 24 and name checking Big Trak).

14.55 An Internet cafe on the Harrow Road seems to be the focus of the police attention. Two women are reported to have been removed from the cafe.

15.00 Scotland Yard say no arrests have been made and the armed police are there simply as a precaution while they search an address in realtion to yesterday's incident.

15.08 A witness speaking to BBC News 24 believes she heard six gun shots at the Harrow Road incident, but this has yet to be confirmed. The police say the Harrow Road raid is just one of several unfolding in London today.

15.30 Sir Ian Blair at a press conference praises the police force but calls for understanding and calm. Asks London to concentrate on facts rather than rumours. The focus is on criminals and not communities. He confirms police shot dead a man at Stockwell this morning and that this was linked to yesterday's incidents. His understanding was that the man was challenged and only shot when he refused to co-operate.

A call for help from the public is renewed. CCTV images of the four men involved in yesterday's events will be made available. Firstly anyone who knows where those men are should call 999 immediately. Secondly anyone who recognises the men should call the Anti Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

(Reuters have some of the photos here. The BBC have all four photos here)

Besides the Harrow Road address two further London addresses are currently being examined. Initial forensics say that all the bombs yesterday were partially detonated and seem to be home made.

16.05 A witness on BBC News 24 (after she begrudgingly turns off her mobile phone - "You're live on the BBC!") says her house on the Harrow Road was taken over by armed police earlier today. She was told there may be a bomb in the building opposite and later heard gun shots and the sound of gas.

Last Updated 22 July 2005


I hear the mosque in question is by Aldgate East.


"It seems that a man jumped the barriers at Stockwell underground station and ran for a Northern Line train."

wait... was he a suspected bomber or a fare-evader?


All we can confirm at this point is that the Londonist crumpets were burned while writing the above updates.

We ate them anyway.


London Underground have obviously stepped up their campaign to catch fare-dodgers!


The bastard got everything he deserved. The people who don't pay their fares force the price up for the rest of us.


What did you have on your crumpets Mike?


A soya based butter-like spread.

No congealed udder discharge for me.


soya "butter" is good stuff. mmmm.


Butter! Butter? Butter. Nothing beats butter. Polyunsaturated my arse. I'm sure all the chemicals in all spreads other than butter are bad for you.

Oh yeah, and screw the terrists. That goes without saying. They can take our lives, but they'll never take our butter!


Cow milk is for baby cows not for spreading on crumpets or even toast. Especially not toast.


Sooo.... can we remove Muslims from our island now, or should we wait for a few more toasted carriages?


Too right, Mario. Because the IRA bombings only stopped once we shipped off all the Irish people back to Ireland, didn't it?


Mario, hahaha SHUT UP.


I am sure you could soon weed any terrorists if you put a bit of marmite on your crumpets.


I got it. Let's report everything in real time. The terrorists will never have internet or television access so they won't know what's going on right outside there door!


It's good to see you all are keeping your sense of humor in the face of this. (Even if your jokes aren't terribly funny)


My personal favourite is two terrorists driving down a bumpy road. One says to the other: "be careful you might set the bomb off." The other says don't worry if it does, there's a spare on the boot."

Abdel-Khaleq Qahtan a.k.a. AK

I hear George Bush and Tony Blair want UK Muslim community leaders to condemn all forms of terrorism… Their friend Tom Friedman just wrote an article in the New York Times suggesting “solutions to this Muslim problem” such as having Arab teenagers wear T-shirts with anti-terrorist statements on them!

“Terrorism” is certainly a despicable activity…but masochistic self-incrimination isn’t much higher on the moral scale.

After 1944, a certain lobby literally harassed the Vatican and the French government (using guilt by association and other Pharisaic scare tactics) for nearly four decades until they finally got what they wanted: sheepish “repentance” for crimes neither the Catholic Church nor the French government ever committed.

Today, the likes of B-LIAR, Friedman, Wolfowitz, Perl, Cheneybusharielsharon & Co. want Arabs and Moslems to “atone” for sins committed by others! That’s…how shall I say? … err…kind of grotesque to use a polite word!

We should all condemn the tragic events that took place in London last week, but Arabs and Moslems shouldn’t forget to put things into perspective: in the past 14 years, British and American pilots flew thousands of illegal “sorties” over Mosul, Baghdad, and Tickrit, bombarding methodically Iraq’s civilian and military infrastructure: hundreds of schools, hospitals, factories were burned.

More than 90% of the country’s water treatment plants and sewage trunk lines were destroyed by Tony Blair and his “brave” Tornado top guns: according to official UN figures, more than 500,000 Iraqi children died of malaria and dysentery as a direct consequence of US and British air strikes cum illegal invasion and occupation of a country that posed no threat to the West (whether “imminent” or otherwise): that’s 10,000 times more than the number of commuters who died in London…yet these innocent Arab boys and girls got 10,000 times less media coverage in the Times, the Telegraph, the BBC, and other “civilized” news outlets.

You see I’d rather wait for the Brits to do a little introspective atonement first. Then, I would expect them to write blood-lettered excuses on their chest: all of the UK’s T-shirt factories will have to work at full capacity for years before Maryam and other murdered Iraqi baby girls can finally rest in peace.

Simon Walsh

Mr Abdul has a point


Lots to catch up on.

Mario already got a kicking so I'll skip over that.

Sam - Marmite is just weird.

Anthony - are you suggesting there should be a media blackout? Wouldn't rumours of police shooting to kill be 'more' damaging than constant updates?

Bobby - we're British, not funny. Didn't you ever see Benny Hill?

Mark - you forgot to leave a foot note explaining that the boot is the trunk for our overseas readers.

AK - couldn't agree with you more. I'm disgusted at this pressure on the Muslim community to distance themselves from the bombers. At the very least it's insulting, but at the worst it helps create even more of an 'us and them' feeling which may in time lead to more of the same outrage misdirected into violence.

I'm also worried about profiling and the effect that that will have on life in London. Already a muslim friend has been stopped on the way to work three times by police but before the bombs she had not been stopped once. The way the authorities handle this threat is very worrying - generations of Irish kids saw British soldiers treating their communities like shit and were that much easier to recruit to violence because of it.

Away from home we really do have to make amends for both our foriegn policy and the way we conduct ourselves in war and 'peace keeping' missions.

Perespective is indeed needed, but it's difficult to get that across to people who read nothing but tabloids. The fact that we have a cunt of a Prime Minister doesn't help matters.

Again thanks to all for the comments. Lots more to get our teeth into on Monday I suspect...