Poledancing: Not Just A Pipedream

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Poledancing: Not Just A Pipedream

Let’s face it: Most people would rather do something else for a living. If only the mundane practicalities of life didn’t get in the way, Office Worker Joe could pursue his life as a rock star. Jane could paint. John could write novels. Jolene could...pole dance?

Apparently, there are enough folks in London interested in this particular art form for a handful of London companies to offer lessons in it. Londonist looked into it and the best of the bunch seems to be Pole People (Pole People dancer pictured), which offers beginning to advanced level courses, "taster" courses for sceptics who are only prepared to give it a one-time shot, and special classes for hen and birthday parties.

Classes are offered in a number of locations around London, mostly in actual bars with actual poles, so students can really live out the fantasy!

And it’s not just the Jolenes of the world who are covered...the Jacks and Jeremys have their own opportunity in special classes for men, although the prospects of parlaying what they learn into a fulltime career are significantly fewer than those of their female counterparts.

The website has this to say of the erotic workout:

Many women are overjoyed to at last have found a form of exercise that they actually enjoy (excluding you know what) whereas others pole dance to supplement working out in the gym, playing tennis, jogging etc…On one course in Old Street, we had two lawyers, a circus performer, one woman who’d just had a baby, a journalist, a student, a personal trainer, two designers, an academic and a TV producer! Its great that pole dancing is no longer just the preserve of the adult entertainment industry…

Way back when, there was aerobics. More recently we had pilates. Perhaps the future of exercise crazes holds a special place for pole dancing. Boyfriends the world over can only hope...

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