Paris, St Paul's, And The Prince

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
Paris, St Paul's, And The Prince

Paris Hilton will not be getting married at St Paul's Cathedral.

The hotel heiress, 'unwitting' porn actress, reality TV staple and archetypal daddy's girl had been dreaming of the ultimate 'fairy tale marriage' at St Paul's and even went as far as writing to Prince Charles to ask for permission (yeah, drag up all those bad St Paul's wedding memories Paris, that'll do the trick).

However, St Paul's have but the kaibosh on Paris' plans by envoking their "only royalty can marry on the cathedral floor" rule.

"You can't buy your way in, no matter how rich you are," said a St Paul's employee. And a spokesperson for the Hilton dynasty later confirmed: "Paris won't be getting married in Britain. She's currently in Greece and it looks like it will happen over there."

Lucky Greece.

Last Updated 18 July 2005