Open as Usual

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Open as Usual

Londonist hopes you all had a great weekend. What about that weather eh? Sheesh.

Following the example set by the rest of the city we're very much back to business as usual here on the site. Thanks again for all the email, comments and general words of goodwill that came our way but again like the rest of London we're fine - if a little annoyed that Monday seems to arrive about once a week no matter what.

Regarding the bombing there isn't a lot of new news to be had yet. The number of those confirmed dead remains at 49 and there are still around 700 injured. All the bodies have now been recovered from the King's Cross scene. Evidence, including nearby cars, from the bus bombing is still being collected.

London police are asking people to let them have any mobile phone images, photographs or video taken following Thursday's attacks. Even the most innocent looking photo may contain a clue so if you've got anything at all sat up on Flickr or photos still on your phone then send them to

The former Metropolitan Police chief Sir John Stevens said over the weekend that the bombers were "almost certainly" British, but at this point we're with the people who are still actually in the Met and believe it's too early for such speculation. The facts from Thursday are slowly coming out and we won't be jumping all over the place pointing fingers and jerking our knees. We're not FOX News.

At a church service held at St Pancras, Father Paul Hawkins said: "This will only make us more determined to live in peace and respect each other and we can all play our part in that."

Birmingham city centre was evacuated late on Saturday evening, and although that was the largest security alert since Thursday there have been a fair few others over the weekend including one at Heathrow and numerous train stations. Three men arrested at the airport under Anti-Terrorism laws have now been released without charge. London travel is said to be close to normal, but the Circle line is of course still suspended. King's Cross mainline station is open. We'll update you on the rest of the travel news as we get it.

The hotline numbers again: Anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321 and Missing relatives: 0870 156 6344.Over 120,000 calls have been taken so far.

A two minute silence is planned at noon this Thursday.

Last Updated 11 July 2005