Nowhere To Run To

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Nowhere To Run To

We've been waiting for this moment, and we suspect you have too.

The 'conceptual artist' Mark 'obviously wasn't given enough attention by his parents during his formative years' McGowan is to turn off 'The Running Tap' exhibit at the House Gallery in Camberwell this Friday.

And it's taken a threat of legal action from Thames Water to do it.

According to the BBC Thames Water warned McGowan that they could disconnect the gallery's water supply, prosecute him for wasting water or (and this must have been the deal breaker) "confiscate the taps".

It's estimated that the taps have so far wasted 800,000 litres of water, but McGowan has defended himself by explaining that the awareness raised by his work could have stopped even more wastage:

"I had one e-mail from a lady who left her tap on because her cat liked drinking out of the running tap - and now she knows. She was leaving it on for hours in the day. Hopefully I've at least got back the 800,000 if not more, so maybe I've saved water in the long run."

Congratulations Mark, there's someone out there who's even more stupid than you are.

McGowan has said that he will turn off the tap on Friday afternoon and "maybe have a drink afterwards". If anyone knows where his local is can they let us know please. We still want to have a word with him about that whole car keying thing.

Last Updated 27 July 2005