London Hurts?

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London Hurts?

Although the sympathy that London has received over the last three of four days is appreciated it has been noted that some Londoners are reacting to some of the more saccharine notes with typical British resolve. Warren Ellis (who we recently interviewed) noted:

So DeathBoy finds this LiveJournal community called london_hurts, wherein some well-meaning American gommos post virtual hugs and special e-tears and things. And then some Londoners found the site. And started remixing the community banner...

This is a good time to remind some of our overseas readers that we are not reeling from what we consider to be our own September 11th despite all the 7/7 branding. The IRA quite frankly were much better at doing this sort of thing and we pushed on through that campaign just like we pushed on past Thursday. It was a tragedy, but so was the Omagh bombing which is remembered without a 15/8 (or 8/15 if you like) tag. A large part of Manchester was flattened by an IRA bomb back in 1996 (3300lb of explosives used there), there was the Brighton bombing in 1984 and of course our own nail bomber in '99.

We are far from complacent but we also don't like to be terrorised so don't be too surprised if over the next few weeks rather than the mythical stiff upper lip you just get a shrug of the shoulders and asked to buy a round.

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George Booth

Good for you all! Unlike Americans, you haven't forgotten the distinction between pathos and bathos.


I find London's reaction to be very weird. Call me an American, but if that type of thing happened in DC, where I live, the city would be shut down for days.

I was planning to go to London in the spring, but both of my friends have backed out and I'm still on the fence. I'm pretty sure that London is still a safe place to visit, but I guess Americans aren't used to terror and we have completely different reactions about this sort of thing.


I have to agree that the dating of these events is strange. I wonder if it was because of the unfortunate coincdence in US-dating that September was a 9 and precedes the day... Anyway, London is as safe as NYC. NYC was shut down for a day or two after, but the scale of the attacks was different. I went to see a movie on September 12... I bought groceries on the afternoon of September 11... You need to carry on.


Stone, if you want to see London grind to a halt, then what you really need is half an inch of snow.


I found the British reaction to these attacks quite fitting, actually. I refuse to make comparisons between terroristic attacks. People should take this stuff for what it is: an unfortunate loss of life at the hands of some extremist idiots. This is not an event that Londoners are willing to say, "OMG.. This is going to cripple us". They are standing on their feet, snubbing terrorists and going on about their business, as they very well should.



I wonder what the bag policy on the Tube will be in 2012 during the Olympics?

Will they be banned? People searched. Hard to imagine how to secure London during the Games.

Any ideas?


I liked the one Londoner who, after reading a sappy sort of 'today we are all londoners' comment said 'yeah, well time for you all to pony up for the congestion charge then'. Pretty funny.


All this stoic london, dunkirk spirit nonsense; isn't it about having to go back to work for the cash?! I get a little suspicious when government nods are telling us to act like normal "Fuck. Get the trolls back to work quick we need the readies."


I haven't seen any solidarity amongst 'Londoners' period. I think that 'Launderers' actually don't give a toss about one another. Of all the English people I work with and know, none of them has show sympathy for the victims. If your not a princess nobody knows or cares in this town. Judging form the overflowing pubs on the day and people sunning themselves outside, there was more like joy at an unscheduled bank holiday than fear or loathing

Of course no one is asking any deep questions, like 'Why has this happened?' or 'What have we done to deserve this? Maybe we should stop it?'. Now the government has a greater mandate to do what they like: the more people who die in London the government gets more power hummm...


Appologies for coming to the party late.

Uni, when you say solidarity would you like to see us holding hands crying and singing the White Cliffs of Dover?

Sorry, not the least bit liekly.


It was horrible. I was there. I couldn't get a pint or table at my local. Shocking really. But hey, we're not afraid, eh?