Just Peachy Doughnuts

By Hazel Last edited 163 months ago
Just Peachy Doughnuts

Londonist has already noted that Londoners are a fit, slim and healthy lot. Exercise is good for you. Fruit and vegetables are good for you. Doughnuts... aren't good for you. But fruit shaped like doughnuts are good for you so do feel free to indulge.

They don't taste of doughnuts, they don't have a hole through the middle or any jam (there's a traditional peach stone in the centre instead) and they don't come dusted with sugar: it's just good old natural fuzzy peachy fruity goodness in the guise of something naughty and doughy. No peach-flavoured genetic codes were harmed in the making of this snack: this curiously shaped Spanish-grown strand of the peach family was originally grown in China in the 19th century. So that's all right then.

Now don't all rush but these little fuzzy wonders will be on sale at Tesco stores for six weeks and at selected supermarkets around town.

Last Updated 28 July 2005