Interview: The Eighteenth Day Of May

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Interview: The Eighteenth Day Of May

The Eighteenth Day of May are responsible for Londonist's favourite single of the year so far, the double-A-sided The Highest Tree / Sir Casey Jones, released (and reviewed) last week.

They play the Marquee tonight (note: this is a venue change, after being stitched up by Water Rats) and, to help you decide whether or not you should go and see them (the answer is yes, by the way), we got them to tell us a bit about themselves:

Band name: The Eighteenth Day of May

Describe your sound to us: Acid on Byrds

Who are your influences? Hansson&Karlsson, Pugh Rogefeldt

Who's in the band? Us and our mates

How did you all get together? 25 years of mistakes

What do you do in the real world? Not much really

What's the state of play with the band at the moment? Debut single

Where can we hear / see you next? Truck festival,Oxford July 23rd, Marquee July 4th

What's the big game plan for the band? Play songs

Who would you most like to support? Ourselves

What's your ultimate label to be on? Hannibal

What's the best gig you've ever been to? The Left Outsides in the Camberwell crypt.

Have you ever thrown a TV out of a hotel window? If not, would you like to? No, it's silly

Any great stories from the road? Red road walks into a bar for a drink with Yellow road when Green road comes in and starts smashing the place up.Yellow Road turns to Red road and says "don't mess with him, he's a cyclepath"

Recommend one album to our readers you don't think they will have discovered. The Who Live at leeds

Why should Londonist readers go and see you? Fun

What's your favourite...

Venue to play in london? Health and Happiness club wherever they roam

Venue to go to in london? Filthy MacNastys

Record store? MVE

Shop (non-music)? Treadwells book shop in Covent Garden

Market? Roman Road Market

Place To People-watch? Pole dancing clubs (Karl)

Place To Chill-out? Bed

Place to get lashed? Rock and roll soul

Place For A Post-gig Kebab? None for us please

View in london? Out our windows

Form of public transport? feet

What advice would you give Ken Livingstone? learn how to swim

What London place or thing would you declare a landmark? The river

The world is ending in 24 hours. How would you spend

your last day in London? In bed

Have you ever been sick on the tube? Karl has

If you could sink one part of London into the sea,

which bit would it be? Wherever Ken might be standing

Greatest thing ever to come out of London? the M4

What advice would you give to someone new to London getting on a night bus for the first time? Stay awake

If you could write a song about London what would it be called and what kind of song would it be? The Sheets of London

And finally

Sum up London in a word (that’s the one word!): London

Last Updated 04 July 2005