I Went To Londonistan And All I Got Was This Lousy Shrapnel Wound

By sizemore Last edited 164 months ago
I Went To Londonistan And All I Got Was This Lousy Shrapnel Wound

Yesterday's Media Guardian (annoyingly requires registration or bugmenot) reports on how the media in the US has dubbed our fair city a threat to America because of our silly notion that we shouldn't become a police state. Here are some of the quotes that we hope to see in the next DK guide to London:

feeding ground for hate... crossroads for would-be terrorists... thrived as a busy crossroads for terror... Bombers travel freely, police cannot... easily the most jihadist hub in western Europe... an indoctrination and recruiting centre... one of the greatest terrorist threats to the United States...

Ho hum.

Here is the best bit:

So entrenched is the British capital as an outpost of the Muslim diaspora, that London is now commonly referred to as "Londonistan" - a word used several times in different papers

Londonistan? I wonder if they'll bother re-editing their papers to read Leedsistan seeing as it seems none of the men responsible for the attacks had anything at all to do with London.

Yep - America is threatened because this country (one of the few to stand by the US on the ridiculous War on Terror) is so fucking lax when it comes to bringing down the jackboot on the throat of it's people.

Feel free to give us advice in the comments on how we can change things here in order to make America a safer place to live - because that's a concept that the whole world can get behind.

Last Updated 13 July 2005