Go Tell The Marines (if you can find them)

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Go Tell The Marines (if you can find them)

Although Londoners themselves need little encouragement to get back onto the tube and buses and generally keep London ticking, it seems there is at least one group that needs to take extra precautions before daring to come back to the capital: the US Army.

Yep, that's right. Although last weekend was safe enough for elderly British service men to gather en mass and schoolchildren and pensioners are once again packing the double deckers our brave American allies in the armed forces are being advised to stay away.

What a fucking joke.

We're less concerned about mixed messages because we KNOW that to stay away from London right now is ridiculous - Ken has the right idea and he seems to be able to get on a tube train without any unarmed combat skills (as far as we know) so again it shows that the American perspective on this incident is terribly skewed.

We can't help but laugh at the irony involved here - Join the army and see the world - just not the bits that we've helped to make more dangerous.

It seems that this 'order' will probably be rescinded sooner rather than later, but at the moment we double dare anyone on the right wing to accuse the French or anyone else for that matter of cowardice. When your army is being advised to take more care than your tourists you really don't have a leg to stand on.

We're guessing that the only people really missing the American army personnel’s 'input' right now are based in Soho. Londonist readers are asked to think of the poor prostitutes during this blight and perhaps step into the breach where appropriate.

UPDATE: From 11.34am this morning it seems that the US Military (the airforce to be precise) is allowed back within the M25. Only a day or so after Dubya said "In this difficult hour, the people of Great Britain can know the American people stand with you". To be fair he never did say exactly 'where' they'd be standing.

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Be very careful here.
The order to stay away from London was given by the US Army on the Friday IMMEDIATELY after the attacks.
This order was probably the same as a lot of companies, my wife's included who said to stay away from London.
Even the Prime Minister initially said all travel in London that was unneccesary should probably not be done.
There were even signs on the M25 to that effect.
What is wrong however is that the order hasn't been rescinded as of yet (Monday morning)
It's very easy to jump on this bandwagon and slate the US Army, but get some perspective.


Hey Griff,

I appreciate the heads up but I think you hit the nail on the head yourself there. The whole of London was warned not to travel on Thursday, but BY FRIDAY we were already getting ourselves back in the game.

Here we are on Monday and the US Army still considers this a no go area.

I think the Army is big and tough enough to brave a little bad publicity from the likes of me.


As our "greatest ally", the US Air Force needs our support in this time of crisis. That's why the Cyber-Pope rapid response unit have launched our campaign to get "hand-holders" to supervise US Army personnel on trips to London.

See http://www.cyber-pope.blogspot...


"Be very careful here"?

Sounds fairly ominous to me. We're still allowed to criticize the US military in this country, aren't we?


But... but... but.. what if something else happens? How could we cope without the assistance of the US military? We'll... oh erm, quite well apparently.


The BBC has reported the ban has been lifted, so the hand-holders won't be needed anymore.

Guess their mindset is why the USA invented the Stealth bomber and painted it black rather than yellow.


This is standard American procedure. When something is bombed, we get the hell out of the way. So the fact is that the standard procedure was rescinded thanks to the fine British example of staring "danger" in the face.

"While all personnel are encouraged to be vigilant, we cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the acts of terrorists. All US personnel are encouraged to continue with their normal routine."


"When something is bombed, we get the hell out of the way."

Did the American confuse the M25 with the Circle Line? Just how far is 'out of the way'?


Ken - Here is my point.

Was the UK military called in? Was the American Military called upon? Or are you just angry that they didn't just storm the place and interrupt the medical rescue efforts?

I agree that when the US says, "We stand with you", we should stand with you. I'm just asking, what did you want the American military to do?

Also, what value would there be in having US military on the M25? Or are you just making fun of us for a bad directive?


I wonder how long the order would have stood if it hadn't been found out.


Correction: This referred to "the general public" not the american military:

"This is standard American procedure. When something is bombed, we get the hell out of the way. "