For shame...

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For shame...

At some point later today we'll be pooling together some of the stories that reached us about yesterday's events and of course the majority of those concern Londoners doing what they do best - getting on with it.

Sadly it wouldn't be human if someone hadn't managed to work an angle on how to turn what happened to the city yesterday to their advantage so hidden away amongst all the tales of people just doing their best to help one another there are a couple of instances of people being complete tossers.

First we look to our own and the news that some hotels cranked up their prices in the wake of the blasts. Nice:

With the transport networks down and no way of returning home, one businessman from Manchester told the BBC he had paid £250 for an £80 room

So a fast buck may have been made, but we're confident that the fallout from that move will last for a little while yet. The BBC webpage is already filling with disgusted comments:

One hotel chain raised their rate for police officers from £85 to £150, despite having a prior arrangement in case of major incident! Disgusting!

Beggars belief. Thankfully our eyes were drawn away from that to the plight of a poor American singer. Turns out that some guy called Omarion released a press statement asking people to pray for him simply because he happened to be in London:

He wasn't hurt or anything, but just the fact that he was there and all that

We'd never heard of this Onion chap before, but now he's been brought to our attention we'd like to release a statement of our own:

Come back to London and we will slap you silly.

UPDATE: Wikipedia reveals some confusion over whether Omarion is at fault here or not. We'll reserve judgment (and slapping) until the dust settles, but maintain that he has a silly name. Hoteliers are still knobs though. (Cheers to Mike for the update in the comments)

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