Bid In The Courts

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Bid In The Courts

Here it is then: the first Olympic bid post of the week, and it's not a very positive one either.

It seems that if London does win the 2012 bid on Wednesday then the organisers will face not one, but two legal challenges from businesses and residents of east London.

The first challenge comes from a collection of businesses in the Lea Valley area who feel that compensation packages they've been offered are unfair.

Of the 300 business which have been 'asked' to move out of the area, most of them are "furious" at the London Development Agency for apparently undervaluing their land.

But while the businesses argue that relocation will be unmanagable and many of their number will inevitably "struggle to survive" the LDA are adamant that any complaints will be handled by an independent arbitar and "The timetable...already takes into account any legal actions or objections and enquiries that may be mounted by interested third parties," (it's nice to see someone's factored in the distrust and general unease into the schedule then)

The other battle Seb Coe and co' might have to fight is with the Clays Lane Housing project who are planning to go to the European Court of Human Rights and have apparently already made an anti-bid documentary.

These are problems that won't go anyway if we lose the bid this week as lives and livelihoods have already been disrupted - whether it gets worse or better after Wednesday remains to be seen.

Last Updated 04 July 2005