Are Chickens the new iPod?

By sizemore Last edited 164 months ago
Are Chickens the new iPod?

Another success story...

Remember we mentioned the rather groovy PledgeBank a little while ago? Well we just found out that this pledge:

I will help start the London Association of Chicken Keepers but only if 10 other people in Britain will say they're interested in joining...

has resulted in the well named London Chicken Dot Com.

This is very cool. It brings to mind Felicity Kendal and Richard Briers in The Good Life (although mostly Felicity Kendal for some reason). It's a damn entertaining website even if you have no chicken to call your own. Check this out:

If you want chicks, you don't actually need a rooster. You can simply keep a feminist colony of hens only, and buy fertilised eggs which they can sit on. No need for men at all.

Something for our friends over at The F Word to investigate.

We'd be amiss not to plug the Eglu while we are on the subject. We're waiting for them to come equipped with WiFi before we buy a set for the Londonist office. They're just big enough to act as 21st century writing cubicles and are sturdy enough to survive the latest J. Jonah Jameson style outburst from our own R Robby Robrob.

Last Updated 01 July 2005