A Question of Re-Entry

By sizemore Last edited 162 months ago
A Question of Re-Entry

We'd hate to attempt to get in and out of London right now as the M25 is still closed after a fire yesterday and the police reckon it won't be fully open again until sometime this evening.

Luckily the contract we were forced to sign upon becoming Londonists means we can never again leave the city so we can be kind of relaxed about this one. Although our heart goes out to people living along the little B roads that are even now probably jammed with rabid motorists.

We've often mused over the benefits of using the M25 as a giant barricade in case we were ever faced with some kind of Mad Max style apocalypse, but it never occurred to us to simply set fire to it. We're not sure Iain Sinclair would be with us on this one, but it'd make a nice spectacle. Look good from space too. A nice halo effect...

Anyway... once this relatively small fire has been sorted out and the blessed thing reopens we're sure there will be something of a backlog to deal with so take our advice and stay in the city for an extra day or two. Perhaps find a copy of the complete short stories of JG Ballard to relax with...

Last Updated 06 July 2005