A Lowe Point

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A Lowe Point

Before we go anywhere near this story, let's just make a few things clear.

We like Americans. After all, some of our best friends are American.

We like actors too. We watch loads of TV and films, and where would those mediums be without actors?

And we like it when people let us know that they sympathise with us after all the stuff that's been going on.

It' all good...until Rob Lowe opens his mouth.

To be honest, we didn't really have anything against the ageing brat packer until we read today's Standard. We're big fans of the West Wing and it lost a little something after Lowe left and that other guy (who's sister was Winnie in the Wonder Years) took his place.

Anyway, we digress. So here's what Lowe said to the Standard after they asked him about living here during his A Few Good Men stint in the West End. You can make your own mind up:

I believe in London. I know there has been a tremendous cost for supporting my country's war on terror, which is now truly a world war on terror, and I appreciate it.

Regardless of what you feel about it, it's going on and I really appreciate the support. In my own tiny way I'm paying that back.

I'm happy to be in London, happy to represent Americans in London, particularly now. I'm bringing my family over to live here and go to school here. Greetings from the States, we love you and we adore you.

What a trooper.

Last Updated 27 July 2005