<i>...turning to steam</i>

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<i>...turning to steam</i>

Another week and another bit of Alan Moore news. No not that Hugo Weaving has taken over as V on the stupid movie of 'V for Vendetta'. This is much better. The trailer for The Mindscape of Alan Moore is online.

It's a bit of a tease really as Shadowsnake Films have yet to secure a distributor for the documentary, although talks are underway to get it out on DVD. We saw it last year at the ComICA event at the ICA and it's a stunning piece of work and very funny - Alan Moore comparing his chosen medium of comics as something that afflicted poor children "like rickets".

The documentary is actually part of a proposed trilogy, but this film introduces Moore as a shaman and although the idea sounds a little silly, Dez Vylenz makes a very good argument. It's talking head heavy, but when the noggin in question is the bearded wonder that is Moore and the ideas that he throws out in conversation are simply jaw dropping then it's not a problem.

There are also some nice realised segments from his most famous books that you get to glimpse in the trailer. The 'real' Constantine walking around OUR city still gives a shiver - pity Hollywood managed to screw that up too.

We'll let you know the second the DVD is out.

Last Updated 14 June 2005