Saddam's London Arms Hoard

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Saddam's London Arms Hoard

The new Iraqi ambassador to the UK has discovered a cache of automatic weapons and torture equipment in the country's embassy in west London.

Dr Salah Al Shaikhly told BBC radio the arms haul, which dates to Saddam Hussein's period in power, included four machine guns, several Uzis and 10 handguns with silencers and had been found in one of the 20-odd safes at the embassy.

"It was amazing, you really despair when you know this kind of arsenal was kept at the Iraqi embassy," Al Shaikhly said. [Reuters]

As well as the heavy weaponry, the ambassador discovered several cattle prods. The may have been used for torture, a reasonable assumption since Knightsbridge isn't plagued by unruly cows. Bugging equipment was also found, and the Times suggests that this was solely for use within the embassy walls, to keep track of its employees.

Saddam's regime abandoned the embassy in 2003.

This find is chilling to say the least, especially bearing in mind the the shooting of PC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in 1984 and the Iranian embassy siege of 1980. One wonders what is lurking inside the diplomatic headquarters of other less-than-friendly states.

On a related note, read about the fascinating Nazi past of 7, 8, and 9 Carlton House Terrace - Hitler's London embassy.

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