Plod In An Elevator

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Plod In An Elevator
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If you thought the stereotype of the fat, doughnut-eating copper was particular to just the States and The Fast Show, then think again.

On Tuesday eight police officers at the South Norwood police station had to call for help after they overloaded the station's lift.

Apparently the fire service received a call out at three in the morning and arrived at the station to find the gaggle (what is the collective noun for coppers?) of policemen crammed inside the lift, which had become stuck between floors.

The best worst bit? It took them four whole hours to get them out.

You'll be glad to know that none of the officers were hurt after their "ordeal", although we are left to wonder what eight policemen stuck in a lift for four hours at 3am in the morning do to occupy with their guns maybe?

Last Updated 10 June 2005