Office Romance: The Eternal Question

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Office Romance: The Eternal Question

I have a crush on a co-worker, and I think he likes me, too. There has definitely been mutual flirting going on for a few months. He's not my boss, but he is in my department. The other night at a work party, I drank a bit too much and we made out in the women’s toilet. I am embarrassed and awkward but pleased. How can I indicate that I want to see him socially without it being weird? Adding to the difficulty, we also work with his insane ex-girlfriend. -Marie

Well, the good news is that we’re not against office romances. Lots of people may advise you otherwise, but we know that the workplace is a popular spot to meet a partner. Having said that, we have to admit our eyebrows were raised when you mentioned you also work alongside his ex-girlfriend. We can’t help but wonder if he considers you a friend of the rebound variety, especially since you are conveniently located in sight of his ex. He does sound lovely (every gentleman knows you take a lady in the Ladies, not the Gents), but you have to think about his past with her: How serious were they, why did they break up, what, exactly, caused her to go “insane”. Harsh realities for a new romance, we know, but these questions will inevitably weigh on you if you see his previous girl every day. If you decide to go for it, just get to know him better and sort out his intentions. Hang out casually at work over lunch, or by going for drinks after with a group. This way you'll save face if it turns out he’s not interested.

Last Updated 22 June 2005