London's Shame: Frame by Frame

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London's Shame: Frame by Frame

This is nice and would be nicer if we lived somewhere else. Londonist has often noted that Mexico City has a better underground than we do and Stefan Magdalinski noticed the same thing on his travels through Thailand, Argentina, Korea, Tokyo... just about everywhere. When he noticed that Transport for London were publishing disruption maps he grabbed some and threw them together in this quick time movie:

15 Days of Tube Hell in 3 minutes.

His conclusion?

London Underground is disruption free, a remarkable 22% of the time it is running... My advice is to go and buy a bike.

Our take on all this?

Scrap the tube trains altogether, hand out free underground bikes and let us peddle our own way under the city. Every time a chain snaps or we get a puncture Ken could send down one of the twats from Metronet or Tube Lines to fix it. Than again that would probably take several weeks and cost somewhere in the region of £4 million.

We saw this over on Boing Boing along with this link to Olde London toilet wall scrawl.

Last Updated 27 June 2005