London TV - Nobody's Watching

By Rob Last edited 166 months ago
London TV - Nobody's Watching

London's very own TV channel sucks, it's official.

According to the papers the capital-centric satellite TV channel London TV is the third least-watched channel in the country with just 1,285 people watching it on a daily basis.

That means more people (lots more) read this website every day than watch that channel.

And they have £2 million a year to spend on themeselves, £210,000 of which is taxpayers money.

In its defence a London TV spokesperson has said the channel was "doing quite well for a digital and satellite channel... but it is early days. There is £9 of private money going in for every £1 of public money. It is a fantastic way to get information to people outside London."

He also said that viewing figures would be bumped up by people who watch in taxis (that's right, there are millions of unmonitored taxi viewers out there who would rather die than miss London TV) and hotels.

Because, as we all know, when businessmen visit London the first cable TV channel they tune in to is London TV.

Last Updated 15 June 2005