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The Government's proposed compulsory ID Cards are back in the news today with Met commissioner Sir Ian Blair telling the London Assembly that the cards would have to be "almost foolproof". Great. And following on from that we hope that the police almost arrest the right man, the courts almost recognise the innocent from the guilty and that the government almost doesn't fuck over the people that elected it.

Normally we'd let loose a volley pointing out exactly what was wrong with this draconian scheme, but the London Assembly beat us to it:

This Assembly believes the Government’s plans for ID cards will not prove to be a cost effective measure in combating crime, raise legitimate concerns about civil liberties and will not represent good value for money... This Assembly notes that London’s share of the estimated £3 billion over 10 years that a national ID card scheme will cost would pay for an extra 7,200 police on London’s streets, a much more effective way of combating crime and terrorism.

Yep. The next time an evil doer runs towards you with a hissing fuse attached to a round black bomb would you rather have a handy piece of white plastic in your pocket to let him know where you live or see him brought to the ground by a barrage of truncheons?

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To be fair to the fella from the Met' he was just being realistic. There is no such thing as a foolproof way of securing the ID cards which is the main problem with the things.

Personal liberty and cost issues aside for the mo', ID cards work on confidence; confidence in the fact that the ID card is genuine. Either the confidence in the cards is there, so anyone with a convincing counterfeit one will never be challenged or the confidence is not there and they all become just more crap in your wallet as no-one will request them as a form of ID.