Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

We went to see Batman Begins last night (and more on that later) and as we came out onto the mean streets of London (OK, Tottenham Court Road can't really be described as mean - although it gets a little surly on a Saturday afternoon it's still not quite Gotham) we were a little saddened that we don't have our own righter of wrongs, our own protector of the downtrodden, our own Dark Knight... and then we remembered we do.

His name is Ken Livingstone.

And while he doesn't dress up as a giant rodent he is something of a scourge to the criminal underworld (yes, we mean The Evening Standard and The Daily Mail), is misunderstood by many of those he strives to help (hello drivers), has a nemesis with a huge grin that hides an evil mind and generally makes the city safer and a more interesting place to live.

And today is his Birthday. In fact he's actually younger than Batman...

So Many Happy Returns Ken!

We didn't know what to buy you but if you'd like a giant Ken signal built atop Canary Wharf we'll see what we can do.

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