Gangsters Caught Napping

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Gangsters Caught Napping

We've mentioned previously the chap bundled into a van back in April and the harrowing news of London's missing children and now we read this little story in today's Independent:

Kidnappers are snatching a victim in London on average every day, with some gangs demanding hundreds of thousands of pounds in ransom, Scotland Yard has said.

It seems there were 358 kidnappings here last year - at least those were the ones reported. The Standard will probably get all hysterical again, but then it doesn't take much (did we really see a WAR WITH FRANCE headline last week?). This kind of thing is mostly intergang related so you're probably only at risk if your name is Knuckles or Lefty.

By a strange quirk of coincidence we also noticed this odd DLR mini site yesterday: Body Snatchers.

Sadly it's a guide to venues along the DLR route and has nothing to do with Kevin McCarthy, Donald Sutherland or some cute army brat in a bathtub.

Last Updated 22 June 2005