By Appointment At Harrods

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By Appointment At Harrods

Harrods have finally cottoned on to the trend for personal shopping, but (this being Harrods) they've decided to take the concept to its limits.

Earlier this month the store opened it's 'By Appointment' department on its first floor.

It's billed as "a bespoke lifestyle creator that will cater to your every need" and that doesn't just include clothes, you can 'pimp your life' in all sorts of areas: jewellery, furniture, crystal, art, antiques and sports.

The service general manager is Sukeena Ra who will lead a twelve-strong team of personal shoppers each of whom has their own assistant...that's 25 people dedicated to doing your shopping for you!

And if having a small army of handpicked shoppers do all your legwork for you is a little too much for your delicate nature, Harrods will provide a chauffeur-driven, Harrods-green, Rolls Royce to whisk you home.

So how much is all this going to cost do you think? Well, amazingly the By Appointment service is 'complimentary'. Of course, you're not going to employ a team of 25 personal shoppers to buy a pack of Digestives and ten Marlboro Lites, so Harrods are obviously hoping that, once you've given yourself over to their bespoke service, you'll be spending at least an arm and a leg.

Although, if we're ever stuck without Tube fair in the Knightsbridge area, it's nice to know there's a complimentary Rolls Royce on offer just round the corner.

Last Updated 14 June 2005