An Apology

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An Apology

As a website that is sometimes confused by those of little brain with an American product (yes we are part of the Gothamist network, no we are not an American website) we were amused yesterday to see that some of the worst home-grown telly ideas from the last couple of years have found new life on American television networks. The Guardian reported yesterday:

Over 40 years since the Beatles touched down at JFK, America is in the grip of a second British invasion. But this time it's not our music that's proving a hit but our light entertainment television shows starring faded celebrities.

The Beatles were bad enough, but we really have no excuse for inflicting Strictly Come Dancing on people.

Sure it's easy to say that we've had a lot of American garbage thrown this way over the years too, but with the onset of Bit torrent we can now sample TV that never reaches our shores and find that there's often a good reason for that. We're eternally grateful for Hill Street Blues, but should be thankful that we never got the likes of Blind Justice - the everyday story of a cop with a keen sense of smell - think Blunkett with a handgun.

Of course the danger of flooding homes with TV cocaine is that someone will take it all a step too far and invent crack:

Eyeing the success of Dancing With the Stars on ABC, Fox is already making Skating With Celebrities

There is a two step programme that we find highly successful on both sides of the Atlantic:

1. Turn off the TV

2. Read a book

And the next time someone offers you a reality TV show remember poor Zammo and just say no.

Last Updated 21 June 2005


Don't stop sending CSI! It's the best cop show on British TV right now by a very long chalk. The writing is very crisp, often very funny, and it comes with added Science.

But everyone responsible for CSI: Miami ought to be ashamed of themselves.


The only science I need is Quincy on a houseboat with a martini and a couple of women.

Plus he once investigated whether punk rock could kill:

Punk: Do you work here?

Quincy: I'm with the Coroner's Office.

Punk: (smiling) Sure! I've heard you guys've got a great band!


You got that right about turning off the TV - here in America my wife and I - if we do turn on the TV - watch DVD's of movies we like - we never watch the garbage that is on the networks. But on the cable we watch "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" - thankfully a show that doesn't care who they make fun of...

That or sitting on the porch at sipping a pint of Fullers ESB or any other favorite beer/wine.


Hey Peter - Agreed on The Daily Show. It's one of my regular torrent grabs. Oddly enough it also shows up here on CNN Europe.

Normally we'd be envious of your drinking on the porch, but tonight the Londonists will be throwing back real ale in a pub that was last rebuilt back in 1676...


I disagree with my American counterpart about there being bad TV here, there is (no arguement there) godawful TV but besides The Daily Show there are some great comedies such as Reno 911 and Arrested Development. Dramas like Nip/Tuck, Deadwood and...uh...hmmm...I guess that might be it. Maybe you're right. I don't know if ya'll across the pond get these shows but you should.


No idea about Reno 911, but the rest of those shows run here. It seems the better the show the more likely it is to get burried in the schedule. I hear that Curb Your Enthusiasm does run on the Beeb now and again but they are screwing it like they did Seinfeld. Simply buying the DVDs from the states tends to be the best option.


That's too bad about Reno 911- it's sort of a satire on the TV shows COPS. Very funny and mostly improved comedy. Check out the link:


Never got into Reno 911...

BTW what are your beer choices Mike? Over here I search high and low to try all kinds but we don't have the selection around here that you do - whenever I am in London I am at a pub enjoying the beer. Enjoyed Young's Double Chocolate not too long ago. Been trying out many Belgian beers too.


Pastoralia: I am aware that there is such a thing as COPS, but I think I've managed to never see it. Reno 911 then may fall a little flat, but I'll give anything a whirl once.

Peter: My beer choices are unlimited and mostly unpronounceable - Old Ram's Cock and the like. We should really do a 'Londonist Loves Drinking' post and list all our favourites. Sadly as I am a simple man I am never happier than when I have a cold bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale slowly poured in a half pint glass (it's the half pint glass that's the important bit...)


Newcastle Brown Ale is a good choice - here there is a local brew called Yuengling (Lager or Black & Tan my choices) that is my choice for a simple but good beer -


Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a go the next time I'm over there.