The BBC Strike

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The BBC Strike

The BBC strike isn't having the effect we hoped for. We fondly remember when one of the rival broadcasters went on strike that empty slots were filled with reruns of the 60's Batman TV show so we were hoping to be served up some Blake's Seven. All that seems to have happened is that Chris Moyles and Terry Wogan stayed in bed (not the same one we hasten to add) made it in after all.

At the time of writing it's unsure as to how live coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show will be affected... talk about a cliff hanger. The BBC says it needs to cut 3,780 jobs and part privatise the service in order to invest in more programming, but staff unsurprisingly don't agree... hence the walkout.

Londonist has a few tips for the Beeb that if followed would save/create money thereby saving jobs and stalling the need for our dear old Auntie to whore herself to big business:

1. Quit spending money on stupid ideas like the £1million recently blown on state of the art crappy new weather maps.

2. Quit chasing ratings now and leave lowest common denominator television where it belongs amid advertising for tampons and car loans.

3. Give Graham Norton back.

4. Tap into the sci fi fantasy market by giving the inhabitants of Walford werewolf like qualities and rebrand the show Beastenders. We'd watch it.

5. Milk Doctor Who fans for every penny in their anorak pockets by releasing only three episodes per DVD and glut the stores with collectible crap. Oh.. you're way ahead of us on that one.

But please don't give any more money to Billie Piper - she'll be back after her Hollywood career reveals itself as drowned corpse #674 on CSI: Miami.

Last Updated 23 May 2005