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London: A hotbed of creativity, cutting edge technology and boundless innovation.

No wonder then that the world's first tea-making tracking software has been developed here.

Are you always the one who makes the tea? Are you surrounded by colleagues, friends and family who shirk their tea-making responsibilities?

These are the questions posed over at the Teabuddy website.And apparently, if you answered yes to those questions, then "Teabuddy is the answer to your prayers."

This novel spark of ingenuity coems from London-based creative aganecy Poke who claim to vet "job applicants for their ability to make up to 18 cups a day".

"There are those who willingly accept their tea-making duties and those that don't," says Nik Roope of Poke. "There are also those who, like a child, mess up the order (so) as to not be asked again. Some people are very determined not to make tea."

Don't we know it Nik...don't we just know it (eyes up sluggish Londonist colleagues with thirsty contempt).

So what does tTeabuddy do? Well it allows you to create groups online and to record rounds and requests, "complete with personalization options like milk and sugar preferences for individual colleagues."

Yes, the geeks have fetishised tea now - it is truly the beginnig of the end.

Last Updated 05 May 2005