Natural History Museum's 'Mountain'

By Rob Last edited 165 months ago
Natural History Museum's 'Mountain'

Huge sculptures seem to be London's 'thing' at the moment. What with the chair and table on Hampstead Heath and the WEEE man over at City Hall.

Now the NHM has its very own large, outdoor artwork in the form of Diane Maclean's 'Mountain'.

Maclean's Mountain is a six metre high, eighteen metres long, stainless steel structure that also "has a 'canyon' that visitors wander through and peepholes that reveal highly magnified images of minerals. Sounds from deep within the Earth echo through the sculpture as visitors walk by."

Teh sculpture was inspired, of course, by the work of Natural History Museum scientists, and their attempts to understand the mineral, molecular and crystal structure of the Earth. It also looks cool.

There are "accompanying photographic images" and sketches etc displayed inside the Museum, or if you're really interested to know more you can get down to the Darwin Centre this afternoon at 2:30, when Adam Rosenthal will be interviewing MacLean about her work.

Last Updated 05 May 2005