Here Comes The Sun...

By Rob Last edited 227 months ago
Here Comes The Sun...


Yes it's that time of year again, the time when Big Brother starts and Channel 4 bung God a few quid to make it sunny in order to encourage semi-nudity (it's true honestly, we've seen the internal memo).

And, of course, it's the bank holiday so everyone is looking to the skies willing it not to rain, at least not until they've finished getting the barbeque to light.

So what's it going to be like?

Well, you've probably already noticed that it's quite a warm one today. In fact the BBC are predicting it's going to reach 30° by 4 o clock...phew, what a scorcher.

But what about the weekend? Well, going back to the BBC, it seems that it's not going to stay quite as nice, but temperatures will still be hovering around the 20° mark, which isn't bad.

UK are saying that Saturday will be a bit cloudy (17°), while Sunday will improve a bit before we get back to normal with showers on Monday.

CNN meanwhile are predicting the complete opposite - cloudy but warm on Saturday, and 17° on Sunday.

The general concensus is that there will be a decent chance of showers on Sunday, so Londonist's advice is to get all your beer garden drinking done by Sunday afternoon so Monday's free for a bit of hangover slobbing in front of the TV.

Last Updated 27 May 2005