Greens Gone Wild

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Greens Gone Wild

Vegetarians on the Londonist staff are in the minority, but we'd be amiss not to mention National Vegetarian Week that kicks off today with the double entendre tagline Can You Keep it up for a Week?! Normally when we have a cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch we try our best not to picture an erect penis, but the Vegetarian Society thinks that this will "generate lots of press interest – humorous or otherwise!". The week long campaign will feature "5000 point of sale wobblers" and Dave Spikey from Phoenix Nights clutching phallic shaped vegetables.

It's a move away from the more militant PETA, but it's the kind of thing that should have died along side Sid James and it gets worse as they've also released a couple of vegetable porn movies. Here we get to see the previously unsung similarity of the last pea in a pod to an engorged clitoris.

We can't see it having the same kind of success as the Jamie Oliver school dinners affair as it'll be a hard sell to get parents to fill their kids' plates with edible genitalia outside of a Chris Morris sketch.

But do have a banana tonight... because it's better for you than eating a dead animal and not because it makes for a cheap dildo.

Last Updated 23 May 2005