Good Cop / Bad Cop / Electrocop

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Good Cop / Bad Cop / Electrocop

London police are in the news this morning in a couple of stories that highlight the best bobbies, but also a couple of (alleged) racist rozzers.

First the good guys: Later today three police officers will be commended for their bravery after tackling a gunman.

Pcs Angela Grant and Adriano Lai chased two armed men in Wimbledon Broadway, south-west London, on 1 May. The men, who are accused of earlier shooting a man in a nightclub, threatened to shoot Pc Lai during a struggle to handcuff them. They were helped by off-duty Detective Constable Paul Sykes

Three Hackney based community support officers are also up for commendations after disarming a guy with a knife.

At the other end of the barrel are Pc Roy Frost and Pc Ian Woodbridge who have been accused of carrying out a racist attack. The two policemen allegedly assaulted an 18 year old with a torch after he was found breaking into his own home after losing his key. The man who according to the Beeb is of Middle Eastern appearance made the complaint after he was left needing stitches.

Also in the news is the poll that shows eight out of 10 police think all officers on frontline duties should be issued with stun guns. Londonist thinks this is probably a bad idea, but apparently more than half the public also want to see Tasers being deployed, according to the Police Review. The two stories above however show that the Police seem pretty handy already whether completely unarmed or wielding blunt torches and we'd rather not have 50,000 volts go through us the next time we find ourselves locked out.

Last Updated 13 May 2005