Explosion at British Consulate in NYC

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Explosion at British Consulate in NYC

The BBC is reporting that the British consulate in New York has been damaged following an explosion that happened around 7.30am our time (3.30am over there). Bomb fragments have been found.

No one seems to have been injured, but windows have been shattered according to a spokesperson for the NYPD:

"It was detonated in one of the cement flower boxes used as a barrier outside the building. There was some damage to the front window but there are no reports of any injuries at this stage"

We'll update accordingly, but at the moment it seems relatively small scale.

UPDATE: Not much new apart from the fact that the devices were probably homemade and grenade-type: one apparently shaped like a pineapple, and the other like a lemon.

The Beeb are saying that the early assumption is that whoever did this, knew the consulate was there, and was making some kind of protest or statement to coincide with voting today across Britain....

An election night party at the Consulate had been planned and was to be attended by some of New York's best known British ex-pats, but that's probably been cancelled.

Last Updated 05 May 2005