Daley Star

By Rob Last edited 227 months ago
Daley Star

Forget David Beckham. Never mind Sir Steve 'ooh look at all my medals' Redgrave. If you want to get serious about hosting an Olympic Games then you have to go for the big guns.

And when it comes to Olympics the guns don't get any bigger than Daley Thompson.

Lest we forget, this is the man who not only won consecutive gold medals at both the 1980 and '84 Olympics, but also whistled his way through the National Anthem!

And, who else can say that they gave their name to one of the best Sinclair Spectrum games of the Eighties?

No one, that's who.

So Londonist can see why Lord Coe and his committee buddies have decided to send Daley to Singapore along with all the other 'ambassadors' in order to give our bid a boost before the 'winner' is decided on July 6.

What's great about this story though is the photo they've got on the BBC of Thompson and Coe together. They look like they've just got engaged or something.

It's weird but we can't help but look at it.

Last Updated 31 May 2005