Bland, MOR Radio Stations Doing Well

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Bland, MOR Radio Stations Doing Well

Who knew that the battle of the London radio station was such 'headline news'?

Look at all the coverage dedicated to the frankly pretty boring news that Heart FM "leapfrogged" its rivals Capital FM and Magic FM in the Radio Joint Audience Research league table.

According to the Independent it's the "upbeat playlist of 1980s classics and contemporary hits for thirty-something women" that make Heart FM such a winner, with "Londoners tuned into Heart for a total of 15.6million hours a week, a 39 per cent increase on the previous quarter and nearly two million hours ahead of its closest competitors".

The hiring of Jamie Theakston by Heart backers Chrysalis is also cited as a factor.

Londonist's radio station of choice, Resonance FM is not mentioned in the poll, but we can tell you that the station is currently in the middle of its DIY and recycled sound exhibition, Circle of Sound at the Foundry Gallery (that link may not be safe for work by the way):

Bringing together found sounds, sonic artefacts and reworked and recontextualised art works. The exhibition

simultaneously celebrates the fleeting and fragmentary effects of sound while exploring the unfolding processes of signification within a sonic culture that has for too long been subservient to visual-centred art discourse.

That, or Jamie Theakston (see picture above)? You decide.

Last Updated 06 May 2005