Shiny Shirts

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Shiny Shirts

As Newcastle United chairman Freddie Shepherd once delighted in telling us, replica shirts are a rip-off. Expensive, shiny and uncomfortable they may be, but fans still buy them, happy at the chance to identify themselves with their chosen club. We are now used to having (choosing) to fork out for a £40-£50 home shirt every two seasons, but for Spurs fans, the need to keep up with things has suddenly got even pricier.

Tottenham have made the decision to change all their of their kits (home, away and third) EVERY season, claiming that the move will "meet demand for greater variety and choice". Yeah right. Of course, this kind of initiative is conistent with the club's history of leading the way in finding new and imaginative ways to rip off its fans, so we shouldn't be surprised. Just appalled.

So Spurs fans, if you're now more determined than ever to look at other options in terms of showing your team colours, here are a few ideas.

Retro shirts are getting increasingly common now, but the market leader in terms of quality and range is still Toffs , who were the first lot to start doing it. Their best competitor is probably Score Draw , who have a natty little website and are a tiny bit cheaper. If however, you're happy to go second hand, then it's worth remembering that after five years or so, every shirt can be described as being 'retro' and you can get away with wearing it again. Try Subside Shirts , Premiershirts and footballnotmuggybonehead (indeed) for some very cheap (and perhaps slightly soiled) shirts.

With the summer months approaching, you could always opt for a t-shirt and there are numerous fine examples at Philosophy Football , Goalhanger and tshirts365 . Enjoy.

Last Updated 20 April 2005