Royale with Cheese

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Royale with Cheese

The wedding cake isn't yet stale and already plans are underway to bring us a TV friendly version of Charles and Camilla, whether we want one or not. ITV's Granada will be regurgitating the early days of Chuck and his first love in a docudrama entitled Whatever Love Means. Casting begins in May.

This could be the perfect opportunity for Christopher Eccleston to get out from under the Doctor Who yoke, but casting Camilla is more problematic. We'd like to have seen the drama resurrect an old icon's career the way Pulp Fiction did for John Travolta, but the perfect actor for the job already has a career relaunch on the way. The rusting old Volkswagen with a heart of gold would have been perfect for the role of a once loved, but overlooked old trooper who against all odds wins through in the end. Pity.

Then again this story has already been told. Anthony Perkins living in the shadow of his mother, sidetracked by an untrustworthy blonde only to go back to the older (ie. decayed) woman after the younger woman is out of the way. Tell us you wouldn't like to see Charles brandishing a kitchen knife...

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Are you on a spread bet to see how many times you can mention Dr Who on Londonist?


I know - it's bad. And there's another London set episode on the way...

I promise not to mention Dr Who again for at least a month. Even if Ken Livingstone gets cast as the new Doctor and the TARDIS is revealed as just a clever way to get around the congestion charge.


Ugh. Roll in the guillotine, we're way overdue.


"Whatever love means" is this name of a so-so book by David Baddiel. It involves Chaz and Di. I wonder if they'll have copyright trouble.


Maybe they should rename it Poking the fire while one has a jolly good look at the mantlepiece too