Pinhole London

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Pinhole London

We like our photography here on Londonist. There's the Flickr group of course (now with zombies!) and The Way We See It along with other sites we've mentioned in the past.

Now we want to add another link after finding some beautiful London photography over on Rob Gardiner's NYC London blog. Of course, in a city like this any idiot can point a camera and come up with some half decent shots, but Rob is in a class of his own. For a start he uses a pinhole camera. Check this out:

We've taken stacks of photos of The Monument but we never get that kind of result.

And Rob gets extra points for walking the length of the Circle Line, pinhole camera at the ready.

Good stuff.

Fans of New York will want to check out his main site.

PS. Those of you that prefer colour may want to check out the Royal Wedding Cam.

Last Updated 08 April 2005