Not Apathetic Dot Com

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Not Apathetic Dot Com

The Beeb are trying their best to convince us that this election is an interesting one with their blanket coverage - imaginatively titled 'Election 2005'. With stories about helicopters and Peter Snow's baffling swingometer alongside their special bus we've just got to sit up and take an interest, right?


Is this thing on?

Thankfully, now there is a website where those who simply can't be arsed to vote can voice their opinions and resist the tag of apatheitc.

Our out and out favourite so far:

"I'll be drunk. Plus I'm an avid follower of the punk ideology and there is no urgency to vote against anyone"

You know the opening scene in Reservoir Dogs when Mr Pink outlines his reasons for not tipping and when he's finished Mr Orange says "He's convinced me. Give me my dollar back"? Well after reading Not Apathetic that's us. We're not voting until the parties send Joe Cabot round with the words "Cough up the vote, ya cheap bastards".

Last Updated 08 April 2005