More Free Gigs!

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More Free Gigs!

Well one free gig but we're pretty damn excited about this one. On Wednesday 4th May, the HMV on Oxford Street - that's the big one between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road for the argumentative amongst you - is going to be hosting a launch event for the MOJO Honours List.

Now you'll need to be getting up very early because tickets are limited to one pair per person and all 250 will only be available from the store that morning. But "why?" we hear you cry, "Why should I drag my lazy arse out of bed at some ungodly hour just so I can stand in a record store all night?"

Then we say: Teenage Fanclub, Elbow, The Magic Numbers and Roy Harper. That's why. If you could bottle the good feeling in that room that night you could bring an end to war and poverty and possibly even stop politicians from lying - on second thoughts that last bit's just plain ridiculous. Not even Elbow's Grace Under Pressure could stop politicians from lying Anyway, a nicer bunch of guys and gals you'd be hard pressed to find in any one room at one time and that's before we consider some of the most heart wrenchingly beautiful pop music to emerge from this fair Isle of ours since the Beatles hit puberty. See you in the queue boys and girls.

Last Updated 11 April 2005