May Day on the Eurostar

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May Day on the Eurostar

We can't really say that A View to a Kill was one of our favourite Bond movies, but it did have its moments. Grace Jones as May Day leaping from the Eiffel Tower leaving a past-his-prime Roger Moore to raise an iconic eyebrow after her gliding parachute. Unfortunately Grace's latest escape from Paris was less smooth.

It seems that the former Conan the Destroyer star took the Eurostar from Paris to London last night and then kicked off when asked for her ticket:

Jones had bought a first class ticket for the evening train from Paris but swore and grabbed the train manager's arm when asked to pay the upgrade price for taking a seat in the more exclusive Premium class... Jones claimed she had no cash or credit cards to pay for the upgrade and refused to move from the seat.

She did finally get into London, but only after being met in Ashford by the police and then finishing the journey by car. British Transport Police are being very short with their version of events:

"There was a call to report an incident on the train with the lady in question. Officers escorted her off the train - end of story"

Don't come crying to us if the ticket inspector ends up being pushed out of an airship...

Last Updated 06 April 2005