Keira the Bounty Hunter

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Keira the Bounty Hunter

Tony Scott is something of a poor man's Ridley, although to be honest both brothers make some strange career choices. Ridley is pretty much untouchable after giving us Blade Runner, Alien and The Duellists. Post Blade Runner things got a little messy until Thelma and Louise and then dipped again until the double whammy of the crowd pleasing Gladiator and the very loud Black Hawk Down. Next up is Orlando Bloom crusading his little heart out in Kingdom of Heaven.

Tony meanwhile seems to aim lower and, to be honest, hits lower. We can forgive him crap like Beverly Hills Cop II and The Last Boyscout because of the nuttiness of The Hunger. True Romance gave him the leeway to make a decade of bad movies, which he did, right until we sat down to watch Man on Fire and found ourselves enjoying the hell out of it. We're not going to mention Top Gun, because it's A) a very silly movie, B) a very bad movie and C) we don't want to admit to owning the soundtrack. Take me to the danger zooooooooone...

Now it seems that, like squabbling brothers that never learned to share, as soon as one of them gets a new toy the other has to have one too. So if Ridley gets an Orlando Bloom to play with then you have to give Tony a Keira Knightley.

Just before she set off with Mr Bloom to make the two sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean, Ms Knightley had time to star in the upcoming Domino for Tony. We just watched the trailer. Little Miss Richmond upon Thames in a movie with Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken where lots of things explode? Looks terrible. Can't fail. The Americans will love that (already grating) accent and maybe this time out the movie posters won't require breast augmentation.

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