God Smites Blair. Blair Shrugs.

By sizemore Last edited 212 months ago
God Smites Blair. Blair Shrugs.

Now that's a Prime Minister... flying through the heavens, defying the laws of nature, deflecting lightning blasts and still home well before the start of Blue Peter. Makes Howard's powers of darkness seem a tad old fashioned...

Damn, but this election is dull. Only a week or so to go, thank Odin, as we're already bored with having to destuff the Londonist letterbox of badly designed political leaflets and rather than just turn the TV off we actually got rid of it in an attempt to avoid the latest round of talking heads babbling the same old crap. Not that you can ever really escape these people and their need to 'connect'. Case in point is the Tories 'new' strategy of "telling it like it is" which translates into calling Blair a bit of a git. While we don't argue with that - especially in light of a new round of Iraq revelations - we do note that if Mr Howard's opponents were to follow his lead and adopt the same strategy he'd have awakened this morning to billboards declaring him an evil racist dick with all the charm of a bag of Ebola-leaking monkeys.

Hey, but at least he's not Kilroy-Silk.

If the powers that want-to-be expect us to start paying attention again then we demand more flying through thunderstorms from Blair, a shot of Charles Kennedy walking away in slow motion from a series of exploding buildings and Howard wearing a filthy vest, leaping away from his own exploding helicopter, screaming "Yippee-ki-yay, school-gate-mothers!" at the top of his lungs...

Last Updated 28 April 2005