Doc Savaged

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Doc Savaged

Well, we waited all weekend for Christopher Eccleston to tell us that he wasn't really quitting Doctor Who, but when the BBC added the news to the stories that sounded like April Fool gags but weren't we finally admitted that the new Doctor would probably be regenerating before his time. The Whovians seem to have shown their disgust by dusting off their old Tom Baker episodes rather than watching the new series as viewing figures dropped by around 2.6 million for Saturday's second episode.

We kept a close eye on the latest Doctor Who news over the weekend and found that the new jacket is perhaps more popular than the new Doctor, but then again the jacket is less likely to say one thing and then do another. Eccleston was quoted over on the BBC Doctor Who site as saying "I will film Dr Who for seven months over the next two to three years and as long as I'm not too tired I'll do theatre inbetween.". That interview has now, unsurprisingly, been removed by the Beeb who are apparently a little miffed at the U-turn. Also offline is the Who forum over at Outpost Gallifrey which had to be shut down after things got abusive in the wake of Eccleston's exit and rumours that the Daleks may have been cut from the second season.

It seems that Billie Piper will be staying with the show which is good news for her career, but also shows a little more respect for a series that saved her from the clutches of Chris Evans.

Maybe if Eccleston too had been threatened with having to sleep with the ginger git then he may have stuck around for a little while longer.

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is the pot not calling the kettle black around here...

as far as i know Mike also happens to be a ugly little ginger twat. with a beard.... yukkie.

mike, listen to your mom and trim it dude. the whole obi wan kenobi thing is so 1990's man.

"Maybe if Eccleston too had been threatened with having to sleep with the ginger git then he may have stuck around for a little while longer"


First I get branded a 'reporter' and now a 'ginger'. Tough crowd.

I'm happy to hold my hand up to the ugly bit and have no problem with being branded a twat although I am huge so the 'little' part of your insult was actually a compliment.

Now you mention it there is a reddish sheen to the beard...

I don't have the dressing-gown to pull off the Jedi thing though and it's more of a 'too lazy to shave' thing than a fully thought out look.

Gary Gemmell

Quality comeback Mike

I laughed so much i think ive messed ma pontaloons!