Chelsea vs Liverpool "Most Expensive English Match Ever"

By london_luke Last edited 214 months ago
Chelsea vs Liverpool "Most Expensive English Match Ever"

Certain of the Londonist contingent who shall remain nameless spent an entertaining Thursday morning on constant redial to the ever-engaged Chelsea ticket line, in hopes of securing a precious pair of tickets to the last (and most important) Champions League match to be held in London this season. It was well into the early afternoon before the busy signals subsided and our intrepid Blues fan was informed (with a derisory snort of contempt) that he was two hours too late. Oh well, said he, that's £40 that could be better spent down the pub.

However, our Mourinhophile is doubly regretting his inability to score tickets in light of this report from the Evening Standard:

At the moment the highest price being charged for two tickets is £1,310 by an online agency. The cheapest seats on offer cost £850 a pair. One agency said there had already been hundreds of enquiries, many from corporate buyers.

Now doing the maths, our feckless ticket-seeker could have made over a tenfold return - on the low end - on a pair of tickets, had he so wished.

Not that Londonist would ever condone selling tickets on for profit. Ahem.

Last Updated 15 April 2005