Cannabis House Closed Down

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Cannabis House Closed Down

Not content with driving around in their annoying little cars with urban-inspired street graphics, London's real estate agents are now finding time in their busy schedule of fleecing renters and pushing the envelope of bad shirt-tie combinations to fight crime.

Well, when we say fight crime, we actually mean inadvertently stumble into a cannabis factory in Leytonstone and call the rozzers.

Agents from Clarke Hillyer Property Consultants along with the owner of the leased property discovered the pot production plant when they visited to change the locks.

According to Estate Agent Robert Ellice "It was unbelievable. There were marijuana plants everywhere and sacks full of harvested leaves. Every single room was in use and it is a big house"

Not only that but also "There was quite a lot of damage done to the house. They had cut holes in the ceiling for ventilation and they were using garden hoses in the house to water the plants."

They are so not getting their bond back.

Police are obviously chuffed that they've managed to take the £100,000 worth of cannabis off the streets but also according to the local constabulary "These factories are not known for their safety record and they pose a real fire problem."

Yes, we can imagine they must be a nightmare from a health and safety perspective, and apparently most of them don't have wheelchair access either.

Last Updated 26 April 2005