Booking Ahead

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Booking Ahead

Many of you fine Londonistas out there will be experiencing the joys of pay day today and what better to do with your new found readies than to purchase of yourselves some fine gig tickets. And we here at Londonist music feel compelled to asist you by pointing you in the direction of a few bands we really like, and a couple we don't.

With a date at the Barbican (September 15) still to be confirmed when they'll be playing SuperFuzzBigMuff in it's entirety, grungepunk legends Mudhoney are playing Kokos on the 16th September. It's comforting to think of the faux elegant gilt edged plushery of Kokos resounding with screams of "Touch Me, I'm Sick".

We were also very excited (we're easily excited don't ya know) to hear that the greatest German rock band since The Scorpions, Rammstein are back on our shores but so far no London dates so we're not going to say anymore.

So to make up for the overwhelming disappointment we know you're all feeling right now the NME kindly alerted us to The Duke Spirit's free gig at the Oxford Circus HMV on Tuesday May 3 at 6 just before heading off to catch Weird War at the ICA. You can also hear their rather wonderful debut Cuts Across The Land courtesy of those nice people at The Duke Spirit are headlining the Astoria on May 21st.

Talking of freebies Tom McRae will be at Fopp's Covent Garden store on Wednesday 4th at 2 promoting his lush and gentle All Maps Welcome. Think Nick Drake and Damien Rice, NOT David Gray.

Now if whatever you want is to see Status Quo then all of your Christmas's have come at once because they're back on the road celebrating 40 years of playing the same thing for 40 years. With a new recording contract and heavy duty tour sponsors Kit Kat (what, no Levis?) we can hear the sound of Londonist readers heading for their nearest ticket agency but personally we thought they peaked with Pictures Of Matchstickmen. Their 40th appearance at Wembley will be in November.

Team Sleep play the Mean Fiddler on the 16th June. Who they you ask? Theys is the new band from Deftones frontman Chico Moreno and a chance to rest his vocal chords with a much mellower, more ambient sound.

Guaranteed to be even quiter than Team Sleep is balladeering sometime rock star Ryan Adams who takes his Cardinals to Shepherd's Bush on June 30. If you click on the link back there you can hear the track Let It Ride from forthcoming album Cold Roses, one of three albums he's releasing this year. Even Prince is beginning to look slack compared to this guy. Let It Ride is an amiable country stroll that's never going to set the world on fire but should shut the RA purists up for a while after Rock'n'Roll.

A couple of recommendations for the weekend. Firstly the Track & Field Pow! To The People all dayer at the Barfly starts at 2 on Sunday and Londonist will be down there to check out the lovely Pipettes as well as: Tompaulin; Goldrush; Broken Family Band Rolling Revue; Piney Gir; Magoo; Eighteenth Day of May and Wintergreen. You're going to have to look those links up yourselves.

And finally there are still a few seats left for Death In Vegas at the Barbican this Saturday. Chairman Of The Board is the premiere of a

brand new soundtrack created by Death in Vegas to a special live re-edit of three classic surf movies, The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, The Morning of the Earth, and Liquid Time. Utilising the psychedelic influence many of the directors originally portrayed, this 90 minute journey will continue the original concept of the ’big wave acid test’ where breathtaking visuals and music collide.

Wow! It might even be worth hanging around outside watching everyone melt.

Last Updated 29 April 2005