Autographs? A Jedi craves not these things

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Autographs? A Jedi craves not these things

The last time Londonist saw Ewan McGregor on stage was during his run in Little Malcolm And His Struggle Against The Eunuchs and damn good he was too. He's due back on the London stage this time in Guys and Dolls, but has set down a couple of ground rules for any Star Wars fans who may start hanging around the stage door with overpriced crap in hand: he won't be signing any memorabilia.

"I'll be available to sign people's programmes and things. But if I start that it will be a nightmare. What will happen, people come to Guys and Dolls and want their programme signed, but get monstered by the professional autograph hunters. I don't like to play that game so I won't be signing any Star Wars stuff."

Get monstered. We like that. We'll use that. Michael Howard got MONSTERED today by an unexpected shower of whale meat at the premiere of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy in Leicester Square. That kind of thing.

Anyway... with the release of Star Wars III looming, things are now set for the ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evil, light and dark, actor and fanboy:

Fanboy Sleazebaggano: You wanna sign my lightsaber?

Obi-Ewan: You don't want a signed lightsaber.

Fanboy Sleazebaggano: I don't want a signed lightsaber.

Obi-Ewan: You want to go home and rethink your life.

Fanboy Sleazebaggano: I want to go home and rethink my life.

Jedi mind trick. Works only on the weak minded... which would explain why people keep watching these things.

Then again if British Star Wars fans are anything like their American counterparts they'll probably go to the wrong theatre anyway.

Last Updated 15 April 2005